Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

James and Papa during a heart to heart
Thanksgiving is always a lot of fun at Mom and Dad's house in Lakeway.  The kids and I drove in a day early to have some quality "Gma" and "Papa" time before their attention would have to be shared when the festivities began. 

The weather was gorgeous this year.  Beginning in the mid 70s with high humidity during the days leading up to Thanksgiving day and ending in the high 50s with low humidity during the days after.  Wendy and I were able to make a few mornings of brisk walks through the neighborhood and park until I ended up with shin splints.  My legs are not used to the least that's my story ;)
 Of course, Dad's golf green was the ultimate source of entertainment.  Not only for the adults but for the kids too.  Once Papa reminded James that the balls were for putting not slugging into left field (for the most part) the balls remained on the green, but it was very interesting when one ended up stuck in the tree.  James remaining perfectly innocent...yeah, right!
Soul Sisters!  Love my Sis and Auntie!
 I loved spending time with my family.  I miss my sister dearly.  We have such a great time hanging out together even though it always feels like such a short time.  I heard a rumor that she and Bill are going to move closer...when they retire... :)  I know this rumor because I started it!
 Oma and Opa are still sweet and funny as ever.  They were so thoughtful and brought gifts for the kids.  A new truck to play with (James was instantly smitten) and an Advent calendar which has been a hit in the Higgins household.  I remember the Advent calendar as a kid growing up.  My sister and I would be soooo excited to find out what little picture was going to be behind the next door.  Now this fancy calendar from Oma and Opa, the prize isn't just a picture, but a mouth watering milk chocolate! Let me tell you, kids nowadays have it made! 
Oma and Opa with the girls
The food was spectacular!  Once again, Mom pulled off an amazing spread.  Turkey, ham and sides for 20 and plenty of desserts...pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies, pumpkin cheesecake, plenty of cookies!
Thanksgiving table
 The best part of the whole thing is family!  Darrell's sister Jamie, Amanda and Emily were in town and came for the fun. And everyone on Mom's immediate side was able to come...Aunt Judy, Uncle Joe, Aaron, Nathan, Philip, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Ron, Rachel, Darrell, Oma, Opa, Me, Darrell, Ashlee, Sydney, James, Mom, Dad, Wendy...wait where's Bill??
Where's Aunt Judy?? ;)
 If you look really close you can see the figure on the computer screen...BILL!!!!  Poor Bill...was left at home alone to celebrate turkey day.  He was attached to the pager (on call) and was unable to travel away in case of an emergency that may come up at thanks to Skype and a computer, we were able to include him in on the good times.
Kids showing Uncle Bill the new truck from Oma and Opa
Philip and James
 I have to mention this cute duo.  James warmed up to cousin Philip instantly.  They became best buds throughout the day and night.  James' first words to Philip were "I have lots of toys."  Which was his way of saying "will you come play with me?"  They played trucks, building blocks, and football.  When it came time to take a bath, bedtime books and prayers James made sure he had his new buddy by his side.  Too bad we don't live closer together but I know Philip is loving his life at Tech at the moment.  However the offer still stands that if wants to come...babysit..uh hum, I mean...visit! We will pay for his ticket down...anytime!

And we can't forget that with Thanksgiving comes Gma's birthday!  We celebrated at a tasty Italian restaurant down the street.  And finished up with cake and presents back at the house.  Dad had snuck away to pick up a chocolate cake with candles that were supposed to read 61, but looked more like 16!  We sure got a kick out of that!!!
Happy 16th Birthday Gma!
 Last but not least, we posed in Mom and Dad's front yard for our Christmas card this year.  With the economy the way it is and how slow work has been we decided to cut Christmas costs this year.  So instead of the professionally made picture and card, we set up the tripod and snapped this one.  Personally it's one of my favorites!  Check out the little one and his new pose for EVERY picture I take lately! Stinker!!!
Higgins' of 5!


"Muffyjo" said...

Hi Shelly and all the Higgins! I love this post. Such great Memories I will cherish. You have some great pictures of the group and as always, very entertaining. Love You Guys & Best Wishes and a Wonderful New Year.
Auntie Cheryl!

Higgins Family of 5! said...

I agree Auntie! Can't wait until next year!