Monday, November 22, 2010

Chocolate Turkeys

Today starts the first day of Thanksgiving break for the girls.  They are enjoying their vacation already, as it's almost 10am and they are both still sleeping...lucky ducks! 

As for the rest of and school one more day.  But the good news is that James is having a turkey party in his classroom.  He was in charge of providing the dessert for the Thanksgiving feast.  So we decided to create chocolate turkeys!  These little buggers were a lot of work, but in the end turned out so cute!  James was ecstatic!  It was a trial to keep him away from eating them last night.  I don't know why I tried so hard because by the end of it all he was so hyped up on sugar anyways! 

Each turkey was made out of a chocolate cookie, mini chocolate cupcake, chocolate frosting, M&Ms, candy corn, and a gummy worm!  Talk about a 3 year olds dream dessert!  Can't wait to see his little friends faces!!!


"Muffyjo" said...

Wow! I am so Impressed. These Chocolate Turkeys Look Revolutionary! Hah! Yum Yum... Did You have Enough for all the Kids? Did James Share? Aunt Cheryl (aka Muffyjo on the web)

DianeH said...

Looks like a teacher creative and such fun to do with James! I hope the all the sugar consumed today wears off in his system before you put him in the car for the drive here tomorrow :)
XO Mom