Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

 Wait!  Somebody ate Santa's cookies, drank his milk and chewed his reindeer's carrot!
 Favorite gifts of this Christmas morning! 
For Ashlee: A Bernina Sewing machine with all the fixins'!!! Thank you Gma and Papa Hoenerhoff!
 For Sydney:  A beautiful quilt made with love by Gma Hoenerhoff!!!  Thank you Gma!
 For Dad:  His new hunting/fishing hat for the cold weather!  Thank you Dad Hoenerhoff!!!
 And for James: 
 An orange T Rex Dinosaur 4 Wheeler!!!  Thank you Mom, Dad, Gma, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa!!!
 Next we went to the Powell's Christmas.  So many kids this year...11 total with one more on the way!
 We love spending quality time with Mimi, Grandpa and all the Aunt's, Uncle's, cousins, nieces, and nephews!  Never a dull minute and tons of love to go around!
 While the smaller children played with their new toys, Aunt Sandy and Mimi got love and hugs!
 And Grandpa Powell too!!!
 On to the Higgins' for the evening!  And soon we found that Santa came to Grandma's house too! Bringing baseballs, a tee, and a real baseball glove!  Santa was very generous this year bringing lot's of goodies, including gift cards to Starbuck's, pedicures, iTunes, WM, Target, and lot's more between all of us!  We are once again blessed beyond expected. 
 Grandma Higgins has a fashion sense that the girls appreciated this year.  Painters hats were a hit!
 Even Polly got to come in and be a part of the Christmas moment.  She is definitely Grandpa Higgins' baby sitting in his lap all curled up.
 After the chaos died down we were able to enjoy a huge feast, toys, and each others company.  There is nothing like spending time with family!
 And last but not least...the battery is charged, weather is nice, and T Rex is on the go!
 And in case you didn't notice...there is a permanent smile on James' face!!!

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