Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Talented Trumpeter

 Tonight is the big night...Ashlee's Christmas Band Concert.  She and her Symphonic band have been working on the music for an entire semester.  Practicing on it between Region band tryouts and Solo/Ensemble contests.  But this is the time to show family and friends how it all pulls together and sounds magnificent.  I remember these times from my band days playing the flute.  I am so proud of this talented trumpeter!!!
 Grandma and Grandpa Higgins came to show their support and celebrate.  Look what they surprised me with!  They brought along...JOY!!!  I told Sherry that I wanted yard decorations for Christmas and she did not disappoint!  I am so filled with JOY to have such a beautiful scene in my yard! 
 And they have perfect timing as I was just getting home from taking our sweet dog Brindley to the emergency care veterinarian where he had to have a blood transfusion because his blood cell count was so low (13%).  We still don't know what is making him sick but we are so happy that the transfusion was successful.  He had so much blood transferred that the vet joked saying that he wasn't a Maltese anymore but was now a German Sheppard! 
So here I am on the night of my daughter's 1st Christmas concert, at home watching over her baby dog (Ashlee is very attached to Brindley).  And that's alright!!  I'm sure there will be many more band concerts...but there will only be one "Friendly" Brindley.

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DianeH said...

Love your update! And love the Christmas yard decor...tell Sherri I think it's magnificent! I'm so sad about Briendly, give him a kiss for Gma! Kudo's to Ashlee, she's a super trumpeter. Kisses to the girls and James from Gma too!