Friday, December 10, 2010

Rest In Peace, Brindley Bear

Our sweet Brindley bear passed away today from a form of Leukemia.  He was a trooper through this past week of pricks and sticks, doctors, and emergency rooms.  We have wonderful memories of our friendly Brindley.  And we thank our heavenly Father for the 6 years of precious time we had with him.  Rest in peace sweet boy.
Ashlee and Brindley Bear

Sweet Brin Brin

He thought this good looking dog was worth a look even though he couldn't hold his head up.


DianeH said...

We are so very sorry, Brinley was so sweet, our hearts are with you all. Love, Gma and Pappa

"Muffyjo" said...

Dear Sweethearts, I am Praying for You to not to be so sad but I know you miss your dear little furry friend. Think of the wonderful times you had together and that will bring a smile to your faces.

I just know that he is so eager to see you when it is your time to pass over to the other side!

Love Auntie & Great Auntie Cheryl

judy said...

It is such a blessing that Brindley had a good home to enjoy and children who loved him.
He had a happy life and went out as young dog who had it all in a short time. Keep the memories.,
the graves :)