Monday, November 1, 2010

ZOO BOO 2010

The Zoo Boo is beginning to be a tradition with my girlfriends. We meet up there because our kids have a blast and us moms can catch up with each other.  I wish we all could hang out like the good ol' times but we are just to busy these days.  At least we are making sweet new memories with the monkey's...that is our little human monky's!  Ha!!! 

The weather was beautiful and there was an exciting surprise this year....a sweet baby elephant!
 Aidan and James played in the fan that had misty water blowing from it.  I think that was the best part...besides the pizza and toy cars that were a belated bday present from Aidan for James.
James and his buddy Aidan!

Becky and birthday boy Kenneth

New Dinosaur Exhibit

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