Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Finally the weather is cooler!  We had a cold front come through and the highs today will be in the low 60s and the lows in the mid 40s.  It actually feels like FALL!
And with Fall comes FOOTBALL!  James is finally at the age where he loves to play ball.  He has always enjoyed setting up his baseball tee and running the bases but lately he has been introduced to football and is obsessed!  He carries the football, throws the football, and even sleeps with the football. 

I believe this has a lot to do with Dad and the Saturday afternoon college football games.  James sees how much Dad enjoys the sport and notices how much attention he gets from Dad when they play football.
It's hilarious to watch them.  James pretends to throw the ball at Dad as he shouts "FUMBLE!" Then they clobber each other trying to get a hold of the football first. Only to then roll all over the ground trying to knock it loose. I had to invest in some Shout of my own if you know what I mean!  The grass stains on the knees of my men are my newest project around the house :)

And we can't overlook fans...our dogs at first were extremely interested...all over Dad in an effort to protect their beloved brother, but soon found that it was all play.  So they relaxed and found a comfortable spot to oversee the festivities.  Clearly staying out of the way of the "FUMBLE!"

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