Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!!!

Pumpkin carving at the Flores house

Proud Pumpkin Carvers
Trick or Treat
For Halloween this year, James wanted to be the Big Bad Wolf, but once it was time to put the costume on, he refused.  He just wanted to drag it around like a blankie.  I decided to introduce the Fire Fighter costume again and he loved the idea, so last minute he became the Fire Chief...just in time to go trick or treating.  Ashlee dressed up as a nerd and Sydney was beautiful in her flapper dress.

Sydney and James trick or treated together, walking up to each house while Ashlee hung out with me on the sidewalk.  James would yell "trick or treating" when he and Syd would knock. Then he would run to the next house yelling "I want another scary house!"  Darrell stayed at the house visiting with the neighbors and handing out candy.

Funny Nerd!
Beautiful Flapper Girl
Fire Chief
James, checking out his loot!

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