Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Spotlight is on Sydney!

"Just A Glimpse" By Sydney Higgins
We have a little artist in our house! Sydney's Rodeo Art piece was recognized by the school district and displayed in an art exhibit at the community center.  She was a 4th grade representative of her elementary school.  She worked hard on her rodeo scene naming it "Just A Glimpse."
And then we have a little singer/performer in our house!  "A Journey To Africa" was performed by the 4th graders at Sydney's school.  The performance consisted of fun music and dancing highlighting the country, Africa.

Sydney's highlighted part was a song called "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" where she played her recorder with other friends in her class.
Gma's sewing talent was a huge help in making her African dress.  She just happened to come visit on the day prior to Sydney's performance.  Using Ashlee's new sewing machine, Gma sewed a beautiful green and black cloth (and ribbon) with gold elephants into the perfect African outfit topped off with a hair piece for Sydney. 

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