Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monster Jam

Well as we all know James is obsessed with Monster Trucks.  We decided a long time ago that we would have to take him to the Monster Jam the next time it came to town.  My friend Michelle takes her son every year so we grabbed our friend Melissa and ventured to see the show with our kids and hubbies.  After a few hiccups such as a lost phone, lost bus, and lost minds (heehee) we arrived just in time to grab some food and get settled into our seats. 
I didn't know what to expect, except what I saw from the hundreds of YouTube videos that James insisted on watching the day before.  I have to say I had a really fun time.  Watching the smiles on the kids faces (not to mention our husbands faces too) made it all worth while.
James definitely needed some coaxing to keep his earplugs on.  We started out with the gun muffs that daddy allowed him to borrow.  When those refused to stay on we tried the bright orange earplugs that expand to fit to your ears.
Lot's of trucks, noise, exhaust... but tremendous fun to watch!  Spike, Brutus, Mohawk, Superman, Avenger, Monster Mutt, and many more...the favorite truck of all was Grave Digger.  Not holding back in the least, this truck flew through the air causing chaos, excitement, and huge applauds before coming to a rest upside down. 
We all had a great time together.  It was so nice to hang out with my girlfriends and kids even though it was quite loud and we didn't get to talk much.  But knowing sign language (once again ;) was a blessing! 
The boys didn't sit still the entire time except when the ice cream showed not the ice cream truck, Michelle! Ha!  Poor James was so pooped by the end of the show that when it was time to walk back to the bus stop he sat in the middle of the street in complete refusal to move.
I love this picture of our three Musketeers! Friends to the end... Only one can hope they remain as cute and completely innocent ;)

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