Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trip of a Lifetime!

This past weekend was my 37th birthday.  My sister and I have been looking forward to a weekend getaway to Fredericksburg for months.  Wednesday finally arrived and the girls and I jumped into the Expedition and headed to Austin arriving just shortly before 10pm. 

James stayed with Grandma and Pa Higgins for a few days while Dad went to West Texas to hunt.  Later he met up with Gma and Papa Hoenerhoff and spent some time in Austin also with his sisters. 

Thursday we all toured the State Capitol and the Texas State History Museum.  It was perfect weather and the girls were old enough to really understand and enjoy the tours and history.  It was fun hanging out together.

The kids continued to hang out with Gma and Papa, going shopping and staying on the boat at the Marina.  They also went to a bat cave that is very popular in Austin.  Then on Sunday morning they drove to Georgetown to go to church with Oma and Opa Carter.

They were good kids on the drive and I received huge compliments on how well behaved they each were...a delight to be with.

While the kids were busy with Gma and Papa, my sister, Wendy and I headed to Fredericksburg for a girls weekend getaway.  We had no plans, and everything just flowed beautifully.  On the way we stopped at some of the beautiful vineyards and wineries of the Central Region of Texas.  We visited Texas Hills Vineyard, Woodrose Winery, Becker Vineyards, Torre de Peitra, Grape Creek Vineyards, and Rancho Ponte Vineyard.  We stayed in the Austin Street Retreat "Eli" Bed and Breakfast. 

Saturday we spent all day shopping the main strip of Federicksburg.  Literally shopped until we dropped!  We ate the best Italian food for lunch and enjoyed dinner at a little German pub.  Later we couldn't forget to visit the Fredericksburg winery.  Sunday we woke up early and had a wonderful breakfast at a restuarant underneath the old hospital called Rakkswellers. 

Then it was time to check out and head back towards Austin.  On our way back we visited the Pedernales Cellars where we saw Orea Cows!  Then because of a wrong turn we fell upon the Driftwood Winery in Wimberley Valley, and Mandola Estate Winery.  Wendy and I had the best time touring the wineries.  Each one unique with a touch of it's own heritage. 

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Scott and Jessica Shobe said...

I can't believe you're 37. You don't seem like it at all. What a great weekend with your sister!