Tuesday, May 18, 2010

April, Easter, and Sydney turns 9!

Wow, April flew by!  Easter, Sydney's birthday, and so much more to tell...

Easter was awesome! It's my favorite holiday!!!  The kids had a blast coloring 30 hard boiled eggs in an array of beautiful colors.

On Easter morning we carried on the Hoenerhoff tradition of sprinkling Easter water on the kids faces to wake them up.  Ashlee smiled a big smile, Sydney pulled the covers over her head, and James jumped up because it was "rainin in my bed!"

Then it was time find all of the colored eggs that the Easter bunny hid throughout the house.  Once we made sure all the eggs were found (you don't want to find one a week later if you know what I mean...yes, I know from experience!) the kids tore into their baskets of goodies.

We dressed in our new Easter outfits and went to a beautiful service at our church, followed by lunch and an egg hunt with family at the Baughman house in Manvel.

The kids are never too old to hunt Easter eggs...right!?  James really understood it this year and hung with the big kids in finding his fair share of eggs and candy.  Needless to say we will be eating Easter candy for a looonng time! 
NEXT ... I have to tell you about Sydney's 9th Birthday Bash!!!  So many people and kids love our sweet Sydney Marie!  It's the middle of May and she is still writing "Thank you's" for all the wonderful presents she stocked up on.  This time we had all the family and friends meet us at Sydney's favorite restaurant ... CiCi's pizza!  You can't go wrong with all you can eat pizza for 20 kids and 15 adults! 

After the restaurant, a couple of Sydney's friends, Payton and Adeleine, came over to slip and slide!  Cousins Drew, Ava and Andrew made it over too.  Last but not least...Payton slept over! ... SO much fun!!!

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