Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tabletop Tapestry Women's Brunch

Tabletop Tapestry is an annual women's event at my church.  Members of our congregation hostess a table for eight.  The hostess is in charge of decorating the table and inviting 8 guests. 

This was my first year to be a hostess and boy was I amazed at the incredible tables.  There was a huge variety..57 tables in all and every single one was completely different and over the top!  I tell you what...we definitely have some talented women at our church! 
The theme this year was "Between Friends." It was all about friendship and how to make deep, meaningful, lasting friendships.  My mother-in-laws Sherry and Margie, my sister-in-laws Brenda, Linda, and Sandy sat at my table.  My table was decorated with a Southwestern touch.  Even had a real tumbleweed that we picked up in West Texas on our New Years trip through Bracketville.  I called it "Trail of Friendship."  We had a very nice visit, ate food catered from Johnny Carino's, and listened to good music (Les the piano player in the picture is a dear friend of mine) and speakers.  Even the stage was decorated like a shopping strip.  Very cute!  Take a look!


Scott and Jessica Shobe said...

How fun! Your table looked great.

DianeH said...

The horses and southwestern theme was unique and awesome. So glad you had a wonderful time! Mom