Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's our 3 year anniversary!

Last week Darrell and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. Woo hoo! We weren't planning anything elaborate, just a special dinner out somewhere away from kids :0) So Grandma Higgins volunteered to babysit so that we could get away. Before we left Papa Hoenerhoff called and said he was in town for meetings and wanted to take us out to dinner. Perfect! We love to spend time with him as it doesn't happen often. Usually we get to see G-ma during these Houston meetings and Papa is too busy, but she was unable to come this time and he had some down time between meetings. So we ended up celebrating our anniversary together. It couldn't have been more special except if Gma could of been there too.

Dad took us to Killen's Steakhouse...which is an amazing place! The food was spectacular! The owner attended the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Cullinary Institute in London. Same place Martha Stewart and some other famous people attended. He also was a finalist in becoming President Bush Jr.'s private chef. The food was amazing as well as the company and conversation with the two most important men in my life. As an anniversary *slash* Father's Day gift I got Darrell a new grill. I will soon see if he was taking mental notes during out time there. Heehee!


Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! xoxo Glad I got to celebrate with you. :-D

Michelle said...

...but sorry Darrell missed it... :-( LOL!!!