Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beach Fun and Friends

This past Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach. The water was a bit warm and brown for my taste but the sun and fun made up for it. Our neighbors (and good friends) the Tremblay's caravaned down to Quitana beach just south of Galveston. I typically enjoy this beach because it is less crowded, but found out that isn't the case anymore! I couldn't believe how many people, families, and cars were parked up and down the coast. I am assuming the economy has something to do with it...can't beat the beach...a whole day of fun for the entire family for just a few bucks for gas and sunscreen.

As soon as we found the perfect spot, Sydney jumped into the waves. Within minutes she was stung on the ankle by a jellyfish. Next was little Mayken, the youngest of the Tremblay's...stung on the back of her leg. Then Victor, the Tremblay's son, was stung on the leg. It was almost comical to see who was going to be stung next. Mayken ended up the winner with a whopping 3 stings!!! Poor Baby!

Speaking of baby...I am so glad that James didn't want to have anything to do with the water. He was pleased just playing with the sand toys and knocking down all the sand castles. What a fun day!

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