Thursday, June 25, 2009


After a long day of work I was ready to pick up Baby James from dayschool today. I couldn't wait to see his little face poke out through the curtains in the window when he heard me knock with a ear to ear grin screaming "MAMA!" This has become an everyday tradition with us that I look forward to and believe James does too.

So today I arrive, walk up to the door and knock...staring at the window in anticipation...I crouch down so I could be eye level with him...when James busts through the curtains and screams "I DID IT!" He was obviously very excited as he jumped and ran away a couple of steps and then back to the window screaming "I DID IT!" As soon as the door opened he yelled, "I DID IT!" again. I thought surely he didn't potty train that fast and EARLY! Christie, his teacher, would have to be paid a serious bonus if this were the case!

I soon learned that he learned the sentence when he finished a puzzle this morning. Amazing how much he is learning these days. A week or so ago he started to count...two, four, eight, and nine are his favorite numbers. Now when we count..I say one, he says two, I say three, he says four, then five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten...but the best of all is "I DID IT!!!" at the end!

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Michelle said...

I love it!!! How cute is the "I did it!" That's quite a sentence! Aidan and I are doing the counting back and forth game now too... wasn't it just yesterday we were counting fingers and toes!? :-D