Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wrapping Up Summer at Surfside

The last week before school starts...can't think of a better way to spend it than with Gma and Papa Hoenerhoff. They reserved a week stay at a resort that overlooks Surfside Beach. Since Hurricane Ike took out the sand dunes, this resort literally sits on the beach. NICE!

Darrell was working and couldn't make it down, but since it was only an hour from our house I was able to hang out for the weekend. Ashlee had to head back with me because of band practices but Sydney and James were able to spend quality time throughout the week. Lucky ducks!

We also had an early birthday celebration for Papa. We brought Papa's gift with us and James talked him (and Gma) into opening it up early. So we sang "Happy Birthday" and had a little party even though we had no cake! hahaha

Papa's new Texaco truck and back scratcher that he is using on James' chin. What? ha!
During the week, Gma and Papa took the kids out to some really good restaurants in the area too. James' favorite was The Rainforest Cafe and Syd's was the Pirates Alley Cafe.
Eating the "Volcano" dessert at The Rainforest Cafe
The week consisted of tons of sun, sand and water. The resort had a pool as well so the kids had a blast swimming in both worlds. Lot's of sunscreen, hats, swim shirts and a pop-up canopy came in handy as there were only slight sunburns reported at the end of the week.

The beach was absolutely beautiful as the resort swept the seaweed away on a daily basis. And the water was just right. No seaweed at all and refreshing!
Ashlee and James sand wrestling
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Ashlee the sand castle master
Yes, I was there...the only pic of me. Ha!
Ashlee and James playing frisbee
Real boys get sandy when playing frisbee
James' personal beach tub
Action shot of Sydney and James digging
Taking a break from digging
James and Sydney enjoying the water
Gma relaxing at the beach
Sydney surfed the waves about 75% of the time
Ashlee and Papa working hard on their castle

Remember making drip castles when you were a kid?

This is the life! Priceless!
Thanks Gma and Papa for a week of fun in the sun! Spending time with you is priceless!!!

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