Sunday, August 12, 2012

Going Back to Cali...Girls Trip!

Ring, ring, ring...

Me: "Hey Sis! What's up?" 

Wendy: "My work hours are about to double...thinking 'bout going on a vacation. If I pay all expenses, would you like to go with me?"

Me: "Ummm, when do we leave?"
Next thing I know I get a text from Wendy giving me my flight information and itinerary. WOW! A girls only trip to Northern California...Napa and San Francisco. It was perfect timing too! Darrell was working. Ashlee was out of town. Sydney was in art camp and James had daycare and Grandma.

So after final preparations, my sweet hubby dropped me off at the airport to catch a flight to Dallas where I met up with Wendy. I had 5 minutes to spare as I ran off that plane to jump onto hers. I was so excited to see her!

We flew into Oakland where we borrowed a car for our 4 day trip. The Nissan Sentra took some getting used to as it's not the Porche that Wendy is used to, but she fell in love with it. HA! She really did!
Once in our car we headed to Napa where we landed for the night. We arrived very LATE! Nothing was opened and we were famished! Let's just say Applebee's was the best food ever at that moment!!!
Our 4 star hotel in Napa
This next morning we headed out to the Robert Mondavi Winery where we took a class about everything we wanted and needed to know about wine. We learned about the grape, harvest, taste, smell, even how a bottle of wine comes to be. Very interesting! Made me appreciate a bottle of wine for sure!

They use tractors to do all kinds of things to care for the grape vines. This one was watering the vines. The harvest is the first of September. The tractors (or hand picked) will pick the grapes early in the morning while they are still cool.
Next we stopped at a secluded country winery that was known for the rustic feel but we found it closed. Only open to scheduled appointments. I snuck a couple of pictures anyways because the countryside was just beautiful!

As we drove away we ran into a really nice winery called Silver Oak. We had a nice man take our picture of the beautiful building but somehow I erased it! But at least I have these pics to remember!

A well known brand in most stores in TX, we decided to stop at Beringer Winery. We really had to pick and choose as there were over 300 wineries in the vicinity.

Costello di Amorosa winery was a beautiful castle! It wasn't Wendy's favorite because a rude man was serving us and the wine wasn't the best. But the castle was absolutely exquisite!

Grapes of the Castle
Peacock we found running around
Sterling Winery was unique in it's own way because you rode a Gonzola over the vines up to the actual winery. We were able to walk through each step in the process of making the wine. LOVED this tour!

If you look closely you can see the Castle

The next day we visited San Francisco. As we are driving down the road I notice a foggy mist sweeping up. Huh! "Weird"...we thought. No! Apparently, San Fran is known for this cold, foggy weather.

Golden Gate Bridge from a mile away
Wendy had an old friend from childhood that we met at the Cliff House for lunch. This place was amazing! It had been originally built in 1883 for the rich and famous to dine on the bay. Over the years it was remodeled and still stands today.

The Golden Gate Bridge to my surprise is actually red! Well, maroonish...not gold, anyways. It was so foggy we actually had to turn on our windshield wipers!

That evening we were meeting our good friend from England, Lisa for dinner. So on our way back from SF, we stopped at the Jacuzzi Winery. YES! This family actually invented the jacuzzi along with many other inventions.

Last we visited the Carneros Mansion, known for their sparkling wines and Pinot Noir. The view was absolutely breathtaking.

We met Lisa in Yountville at "Bottega" owned by one of the Iron Chefs, Michael Chiarello. This was a treat! Extremely good food and better than that good company to end our trip.
The next day, Wendy and I drove back to Oakland, turned in our car, and hung out in the airport for our separate planes home. It went so fast but made memories to last a lifetime. I LOVE MY SIS!!!


Muffyjo said...

Hi Shelly and Wendy! Wow, this trip sounds like it was a Blast. Next time, (if I have a dollar) I will Hope the Plane as Cargo and Crash the WINE Party ~ Hee Hee

Muffyjo said...

OOPSSS... TYPO That should read, Hop the Plane, not Hope the Plane, althought there was a bit of Hope in the Thought.