Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catching up with all the fun!

Let's see...the last time I blogged was the first week back to school. It is now the beginning of the 5th week and boy have we been busy. Where do I start???

I guess I'll begin with our visit to the Houston zoo on Labor Day. What a fabulous time! James is finally at the age where he really enjoyed the animals. His favorite was the dragon and elephants.
I love the Houston zoo in the fall! Not too hot, so the animals are active. We were able to see the lions and bears walking around and feeding. The girls and James were sooo excited. We will go back near Halloween time for the Boo Fest. The kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and play all kinds of informational games that involve candy! Animals, fun, and candy...what more could a kid want? *snicker*

My girlfriend Becky is having a baby anyday now. SO last weekend I hosted a baby shower for her with 5 other ol' friends; Michelle, MK, Jodi, Tasch, and Maria (Beck's friend from highschool). We held the shower at my house and it turned out beautiful. We served Becky's favorite food...enchiladas, beans and rice. We had little pinata's shaped like a pacifier and a duck. I made her a scrapbook and a diaper cake. Since she doesn't scrapbook (YET!-i'm working on her...ha!) I decided to put one together for her so that all she has to do is drop the pictures in later. I hope she get's excited about it then maybe in the future we can hang out with the kids and scrap! Fun girl time!
In the middle of all the baby fun, last Saturday I went to the Leadership Training through my church for all the kids bible study teachers. To open, Pastor Young spoke to us through a powerful message...he said that we (bible study teachers) have been called to do one of the most important things on teach children about the gospel. I had goosebumps all over my body and tears trickling down my cheeks by the time he was through speaking. I can't express what it means (or feels like) to me to see a child grow in His love...some grow more than others. You never know what an impact an adult can make in a child's life..especially at 5th and 6th grade where they are changing physically and emotionally. How Jesus fills their hearts and molds them into his image is amazing!

That's about all for now except that we have had our first "cold front" this Fall. The much needed rain brought cooler weather. The highs dropped to the mid 70's last week. The low humidity makes it really nice to play outside with the kids. The backyard toys have once again become a blessing! The kids absolutely have a ball with each other...they play so well together. We are so blessed!

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Michelle said...

I can't wait to see more baby shower pictures.... and not to mention the baby who should be here... umm... any minute now???? :) We'd LOVE to go to Zoo Boo with you guys! xoxo