Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Day of School

Summer is over and it's back to the ol' grind stone. The girls were excited and nervous about their first day at school. Ashlee is in 6th grade this year and Sydney is in the 3rd grade.

Sydney actually got Ashlee's old teacher so she is happy to have the inside scoop. She knows all the in and outs of Mrs. Reyes class and expects to have a smooth sailing year.

Ashlee is in honors classes this year. She likes it so far...even though she has much more homework than last year. She has already written a creative story from rough draft to the final copy and it's only been one week. I have to say she has wonderful writing skills. The plot is full of exciting pirate adventure and the characters are so detailed you feel like you're in the story when reading it. She has had some great writing teachers, including her mom! No really, she wrote this one all by herself and it's a masterpiece if I say so myself.

So here is to a good school year. I'm sure it will fly by...making exciting memories along the way.

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