Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Darrell!

Today the rain poured down and the temperatures dropped to mid 50's. Fall is trying to trickle on into Texas...just in time! Tonight is our Fall Picnic with our Bible Class. The kids will dress up in costume, carve pumpkins, and go on a hay ride around the neighborhood. Darrell is supposed to pull the trailor full of hay and kids but he is coming down with the flu i think. The past couple of days he hasn't felt very good and now he is achey all over. We might need to leave him home tonight.

October 2nd was Darrell's birthday. We spent the evening with friends (home group) and a cake with 42 candles. We met up with his parents and sister's family at BJs Brewhouse for dinner. He spent the rest of the weekend at Academy and Home Depot hince the gift cards from both sets of parents and his sister Susan.
I need to brag on both girls! This 6 weeks they both received straight A report cards!!! Sydney is practicing daily with those multiplication flashcards. Learning her times tables is hard work! Ashlee is continuing to do well in advanced classes. Her math teacher pulled me aside at lunch the other day to let me know how much she enjoys teaching Ashlee. She stated that she is motivated and has a knack with numbers...don't know where she got that from! *Uh-hum...Papa!!

James is talking up a storm these days. Every word making sense if you listen hard enough. We were at the doctors office for his 2 year checkup. Yes, he was a month overdue. I just couldn't bare to take him to get a shot! He is now at the age he would know and remember...or so I thought. The little stinker didn't even whince from the pain...he is a tuff little bugger. Anyways, we had to wait for the doctor for a little while. So out of curiousity he would open the door and sweetly say "Doc, where are you?" and then "Doc come here." Then he saw a long prescription name on a wall poster he pointed at the letters and started to sing the ABC's. He knew they were letters! He is very observant too...directed me home from his school the other day. When we came to a turn I would say "which way is home?" He would point in the right direction and say "dat way home mom!"

Grandma and Grandpa Higgins came over last night. They came to hang out with the grandkids while Darrell and I went on a date to the new seafood restaurant in Manvel. It is nice to be able to go on date night together once in a while. Thanks to Grandma and pa Higgins!

Life is good. Until next time...God bless!

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