Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We love Aunt Wendy and Uncle Bill!

We had a fast and furiously fun weekend visiting Aunt Wendy and Uncle Bill! Our long weekend began with a smooth drive...made it in 4 1/2 hours flat...no stops! We were happy about that until we lifted the sopping wet baby James out of his car seat. Thank goodness for the removable splash pad that I was able to easily grab and throw into the washer. At least we didn't bring headlice this time. Aunt Wendy made sure of that by checking each head as we walked in the door.

The first day we got up early and headed to the waterpark called NRH2O. That place is "sooo fun" according to baby James. Everytime he slid down a waterslide he would yell "sooo fun!" Too cute! I wish I had pictures, but decided it was an overall good decision not to bring the camera as we were wet the entire day. The "Great Tide Wave" had to be the best ride at the park. Huge slide with a inner tube made for two. I had the best partner of all...my Itta!

The girls enjoyed hanging out with Uncle Bill each evening playing the Wii. Ashlee barely could move her arms after all the boxing and swimming. But she didn't let it stop her...from beating Aunt Wendy's scores. Guitar hero was a blast as well...

My good friend from high school in England, Stacey Walrath Kuhn, was able to stop by and visit. I hadn't seen her in 16 years! It was so good to catch up with her. Wendy and Bill spoiled us all rotten by grilling an Alaskan Halibut and King Salmon dinner. YUM!

Ty became baby James' best friend almost instantly when they became ball buddies. James would throw the ball and Ty would run to get it. James would yell "drop!" And the process would start all over...again and again!

As always hanging out in "White Paradise" was nice and relaxing. The kids (including Darrell) played in the pool until they were waterlogged. When our time was over we didn't want to leave...sad goodbyes, but great memories made! We love Aunt Wendy and Uncle Bill!!!

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Muffyjo said...

Hi Wendy & Bill & Ty & Kittie too!
Will be seeing you guys soon at Thanksgiving "reunion".
Aunt Cheryl