Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Smoothies all around!

Another exciting summer day at the Higgins house including fresh fruit, yogurt, a blender and a few not "so bored" anymore kiddoes. Ashlee found a refreshing simple recipe in her "I can do it myself" cookbook called Summertime Smoothie. A couple of peaches, a banana, yogurt, and a hand full of strawberry's is all it took to make a delicious treat. Ashlee wass very happy with her cooking talent...and from the picture you can see there were a few other family members happy too! Can't beat having a fun time with siblings while making a healthy delicious snack. Smoothies all around!


Michelle said...

They are all soooooo grown up.... Ashlee is practically a teen!.... never mind that I wouldn't recognize the little guy if it weren't for the red hair! Where's our baby?

Higgins Family said...

Yeah, they grow like weeds! But all I can say is they keep me young@ :0D

Muffyjo said...

Way to Go Ashlee! Wish I was there for the treat!

G Aunt Cheryl