Tuesday, July 21, 2009

G-Ma and Papa Visit

This past Wednesday evening Gma and Papa Hoenerhoff came to Houston for a quick visit. After Dad's meetings and Mom's appointments, they were were able to come for dinner and stay the night. The kids were so excited! James almost immediately attached himself to Papa. He made sure Papa was near him even in the car when we left for the restaurant. "Sit" he told Papa as he pointed next to his car seat. The next morning when it was time to say goodbye...James once again told Papa to "sit" next to his car seat. The crocodile tears pouring out once the door closed with no "Papa" in sight. Only a few minutes down the road before he asked me "Where Papa, Granma?" with his hands up in the air. I explained that Gma and Papa had to go home. He thought for a second, and said, "Oh!" And that was that...no more tears.


Michelle said...

Oh, bless his heart!!!! Your parents look great! Is your mom's purse still completely organized right down to the pens laying just so? I'm sure it is... :)

Higgins Family said...

She actually quilted me a purse that is absolutely gorgeous! It has a pocket for everything...you have to see it!

Muffyjo said...

Well Ricky you are now an American Idol. Bet you two rock out!

Diane, you are a Gem too!

Love you guys & see you soon.

Sissy Cheryl