Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Baby is 15!!!

Even though she promised me since the day she was born to stay my baby, Ashlee continues to grow up. Sniff! I have decided though, that I'm not going to hold it against her, just as long as she promises to stop!  LOL!

So, Ashlee turned 15 and as she continues to remind me, will be learning to drive on a permits license very soon. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I keep focusing on the positives to find comfort...

First positive... There will be no more "Taxi Cab Momma!" Selfish? Maybe... but from the time I get off of work until the time I go to sleep, I am picking up and dropping off kids for all of their extra curricular fun. It will be nice to have a little help.

Second positive... Thank goodness Ashlee is responsible! She has always been conservative and careful in all that she says and does. She will follow the rules of the road and will be on the lookout for those who do not!

And third positive... The Ford Explorer is easy to drive and huge! This truck is tough and could probably survive a nuclear attack. For obvious reasons this is the biggest comfort and blessing. ;-)

To celebrate her birthday, Ashlee wanted to take a few friends down to the Kemah Boardwalk to spend the day. The weather was beautiful and I scored a really good coupon for all day passes to ride the rides.

While the girls had fun, Monica and I took James and Sydney to ride a couple rides and then to the playground where we had some fun of our own. Such a nice and relaxing place to be!

Ashlee's favorite food this time of year is boiled crawfish. She can put a few pounds away single handily! So we stopped into the Flying Dutchman for dinner and she gave it all she had. YUM!!!

Ashlee is becoming a beautiful young lady. She loves to play her trumpet in the school band. Marching season is her favorite time of year! She is friendly, funny and smart. She has a great group of friends and a family that admire and adore her. She loves the Lord and is active in her youth group and dance team. I am such a proud Momma!!! May the Lord bless you and keep you in this new year! Happy birthday Sweet Ash!

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