Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Into Season...Happy Halloween!

So what's Fall without PUMPKINS!!!  It's a family tradition to visit the local church's pumpkin patch (along with the rest of the town). So about a week ago we met up with some fine pumpkins and had a blast.  The kids love picking out just the right batch...each one unique in its own way.
 This year James tried to grab the biggest pumpkin he could pick up. Every time I turned around he was stumbling down the walkway carrying a pumpkin that probably weighed more than he did.
 "James! I think that one is a bit too big for you...
 Ahhh, yes! That's more like it!"
 Sydney looked for the ripest pumpkin...good for the pickin'!  "Hmmmm, does this one sound ripe enough?"
 And Ashlee looked for the perfect round one. "This is it, Mom!"
The church had a little portrait seating area where parents were taking advantage of photo included!  "Say Cheese!"
The pumpkins stacked up nicely next to our addition to our Fall family this year...our homemade scarecrow!

Halloween was a blast this year too.
Who is this jailbird? And what is she doing out in the night wandering around?  She looks innocent, but probably up to no good!
We better call a Policewoman to come save the day!

We got her now!
What?! Wait a minute!!!! She is breaking free!!! Ahhhh, catch her!!!!
 HAHAHA!  Ashlee and Tori had a blast reenacting their costume duo for all that came to watch.

Sydney was our very own Camp Halfblood's, Annabeth!  If you read any of the Percy Jackson series you would find that Annabeth is his sidekick that helps him save the day.

And we can't forget our very own...Spiderman SLASH Superman!!!  Yes, we got not only one but TWO Superheroes for Halloween...priceless!

And we can't forget our token black cat.  Note the two glowing eyes next to Sydney's left leg.  Tate didn't miss out on his guest appearance on Halloween night.

Time to trick or treat!!! 
Keep your eyes on the prize.
Over 100 trick or treater's visited this Halloween night. Cars and people covering the neighborhood. Neighbors hanging outside visiting together and nice cool Fall air. So much fun!  It was over before we knew it!!!

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