Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fun Fall Festivities!

We had a busy but fun Fall season this year. We celebrated Darrell's 45th birthday. I ran (and completed!) my very first race. Ashlee made it through her first year of marching season. Sydney and James had a blast trick or treating and we spent Thanksgiving at Aunt Muffy's house with the Odom's.

For Darrell's birthday, I set up a little surprise party. He knew we were going to meet his Mom and Dad for dinner but he didn't know when or where. I set up a private party for 8 at Dream Dinners just a mile from our home.

A little background on Dream Dinners (DD)...It has been a life saver for our family. For the past 3 years, I have faithfully visited DD on a monthly basis where I assemble my family meals for the month for a great value. I then go home and freeze the dinners pulling them out weekly to defrost in the refrigerator. It's perfect for this working mom because I can get a nutritious meal on the table in a short amount of time.

Sooo, because I am a VIP customer, the DD staff were sweet enough to offer a free meal to the birthday boy. Darrell's parents, sister and husband, and our dear friends, Roger and Monica, assembled our dinners and then DD cooked the meal and served it to us. We brought a bottle of wine to complete the Italian meal and topped it off with a chocolate molten lava cake!
Darrell, me, Monica (baby Isaac), Roger
Hanging out. Ready to eat!
Happy 45th Darrell!
Okay, now about my first race ever! I began running in June. I just needed some exercise and I felt like walking wasn't enough. This idea was foreign to me as I had only ran (in my entire 39 years of life) once...from a spider. LOL!

Over the month, I slowly built up to a 2 mile jog every other day. Well, then I found out about a running group here in Pearland that was starting to train for a marathon. It peaked my interest and well...let's just say I caught the running bug! So this past October, after a few months of training, I ran the Space City 10 Miler!!! I had so much fun and plan to run a half marathon in January if my ankle tendinitis allows me to.
2 hours and 10 miles of sweat and tears
While I've been running, Ashlee has been exercising in a whole other way. She began in August with Band Camp. She spent grueling 10 hour days in the Houston heat learning how to march in her high school band. She learned quickly and was given a primary marching spot which doesn't normally happen to Freshman.

Since then, we have frequented many Friday night football games and Saturday competitions in different parts of town. And even though marching season is over, the 4A football team is undefeated and ranked No 1 in the State. Today, we will be watching the playoff game at Reliant Stadium. Ashlee will be marching in the halftime performance. Very cool!!!

The parents got a little taste of how it all feels. Ashlee was teaching me.
Brass pep talk by Mr. Heath
Sitting in the stands during a game
Eagle Band performance at a competition

Dawson beat Stratford in a very close, intense game at Reliant Stadium! They were tied 28-28 at the beginning of the 4th quarter when Dawson made a touchdown with 2:43 minutes to go. Stratford then fumbled the ball and Dawson got it to run it for another touchdown!  GO EAGLES!!! They will play Nederland next week in the 3rd playoff game.
Ashlee and some of the trumpet line
Playing in the stands at Reliant Stadium
Touchdown Eagles!!!
Halftime performance
"D" Formation: Ashlee is on the 43 front left
Walking off the turf
Go Eagles!!!
Now onto the holidays...

Halloween was on a Wednesday night this year. The church youth group had a big Halloween Bash. After practice, Ashlee attended that with her friends. Sydney and James joined the neighborhood kids in trick or treating while I passed out candy in our cul-de-sac with the other parents. Darrell was working and arrived with Ashlee later, just when the fun was coming to an end.
Spiderman and a French Artist
Army Soldier
Happy Halloween!
Every year I like to take the kids to a pumpkin patch. This year we met my girlfriends and their kids at the Old McDonald Farm in Humble. It was my friend, Becky's son's birthday so we also made it a party day for the birthday boy, Kenneth.
The Gang
the birthday party treats
James and Gregory were busted tasting the icing!
Hanging out on the Fort
Pig Pen..LOL!
Kenneth, Gregory, James, and Aidan
The weather was a bit chilly but after chasing 4 boys all over the farm, we were happy to have the colder temps. At one point I turned around and James was gone. After a few minutes of panic, I spotted him across the farm on top of a huge mountain of dirt that I had explained to him earlier that we would NOT be touching. We had a little talk and a time out to cool down.

We ended our fun day with a turkey picture. I did not know exactly how funny these turkeys looked until I downloaded them onto my computer.
The Girls: Tori, Ashlee, and Sydney
The boys: Kenneth, Gregory, James, and Aidan
The Moms: Becky, Melissa, Michelle, and Shelly (me)
And what better way to introduce our Thanksgiving festivities than with a turkey picture! Haha!

Thanksgiving this year did not disappoint. We had a fabulous feast in Richmond at Aunt Muffy's and Uncle Freddy's house. There was a ton of good food and conversation with the Odom family. Also, our beloved Texans squeaked by with an intense, overtime 34-31 win against Detroit. Whew!!!
Sister love
James is ready for some football!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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