Monday, June 25, 2012

Batter Up!!!

SO James is now our little Slugger!!! We just finished up quite an exciting season of T-Ball where James played with 6 other boys on a team called the "Warriors!"

In this picture (above), one of his teammates was a bit too upset to pose for the team picture and after this picture was taken the upset boy's parents decided to pull him off the team due to his crying episodes. Also, one teammate broke his arm after the first game and was out the rest of the the "Warriors" actually consisted of a total of 5 boys. James ended up with a lot of play time!!!

For the most part, James kept his head in the game. He wasn't one of those kids picking flowers in the outfield. Outfielding wasn't the most fun for James, but he loved to get the ball. After playing football last season, we had many discussions on why he couldn't tackle his teammates to get the ball in T-ball.
Hitting was his favorite part of T-Ball and he was good at it. Coach Brent gave him a few pointers in the beginning but James soon earned his nickname, Slugger.  The other coaches grew to know him, stating "Spread out boys! He's a hitter!"

Look at that stance!
James takes after me...the tongue always makes you run faster!
His very first...first base hit was congratulated by Coach Brittany with a high five!
James' T-Ball league is known for teaching the kids good sportsmanship. After each game, the Coaches line their players up for the high five walk with their opponent team and then they sit down with their own team for a short "lesson of the week" touching base on the different aspects of good sportsmanship.
One, two, three!
As you can see, James puts a ton of effort and power behind his swing.

 Trying his very best...
 In the outfield...not so much! Haha

Bloopers...I couldn't pass up posting this! I'm sure James will be super appreciative when he is older to see that he ran so incredibly fast that his helmet flew right off his head!
 "Thanks Coach!" Too cute!
I would like to say that in the end, James hit a Grand Slam and the Warriors went on to win!!! BUT they don't keep score in T-Ball...yes, bummer! However James did receive his first baseball trophy that he is extremely proud of...sleeping with it ever since.
Way to go, SLUGGER!!!

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