Monday, April 9, 2012

It's RODEO Time!!!

 In March falls my birthday and also the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. So this year, I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the carnival and livestock show for my "birthday party."
 We had a blast and the kids even talked me into getting on a few rides with them. I am deathly scared of heights but somehow I walked onto the Ferris Wheel thinking it was a piece of cake until we were sent 100s of feet up in the air. That's when my body froze! The kids thought it was hilarious that their Mom could be so scared. Now, I can remember a time when it didn't really bother me to be up in the air either, but when I had children...things changed.
 Somehow, someway.. I did grab my camera to get this cute shot of my fearless three!
 Ashlee and Sydney rode all kinds of roller coaster rides. They went spinning, falling, and laughing all afternoon. James was able to ride most rides but this Disko one was just for the bigger kids. I thought I would throw up just watching them spin! haha
 Well you can't go to the Rodeo and not eat the food! We grabbed a turkey leg to share, deep fried oreo's and deep fried cookie dough. read it correctly. The Rodeo is known for deep frying just about anything. We saw everything!  From deep fried pickles to deep fried Kool-aid!
 And... once again the kids talked me into going on the SKY ride across the carnival through the air. I just knew we were all going to die, but I must be a desperate Mom because I was still able to snap a few pictures with one hand while having a death grip on my kids with the other.
 YEAH! Back on the ground we played some games, trying to win a big stuffed animal. Which of course, never happened. But hey, we had fun trying!!!
 James was amazed by the livestock show and how big those cows are when you get up close. The pigs were his favorite. The girls hung out with some friends that they ran into while I took James to the petting zoo. At first he was a bit reluctant to touch the animals but quickly warmed up and didn't want to leave until he had the chance to pet each animal that was there.
 I have to say that the Rodeo is one of my favorite traditions. I grew up going with my family and now I get to take my kids. I LOVE THAT!

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Pablo's Dad said...

We love the todo too!! If u ever want to visit the SA rodeo, you are all more than welcome. It's in February each year.