Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ready, Set, HUT!

We have a new sports hero in our family.  James started Flag Football this Winter season. His team is called the "Tigers."  I don't know what I was thinking signing him up for Winter ball. The last two practices and games were in 36 degree weather.  Sitting on the sidelines for 2 hours can get really cold, but James is having a blast.  
The first couple of games were so cute to watch. We are learning so much!  The first thing we learned was to grab the flags, but NOT your own team mate's. We learned when you get the football, RUN! ...but NOT the wrong way. LOL!
After a few slips, we learned that athlete's wear cleat's for a reason. And we learned there are different kinds for the different sports. We found the perfect pair of football cleat's that James absolutely loves. 
Also, we learned how important it is to put our "listening ears" on for the Coach. And when he say's "Everybody ready?" We shout back, "ALWAYS READY!" 

We also learned that at halftime we can have drinks and snacks, but NOT in the middle of the game as you are running by your Mom. That was a hard one to remember!  After all, a true athlete needs to refuel!

And best of all we learned that good sportsmanship is an important value to have. We are all friends that are here to have fun!  GOOD GAME!!!

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