Saturday, June 11, 2011

James the Camera Ham!

I wanted to get a picture of James' new car seat that I purchased after my recent car accident...don't worry! Nobody got hurt!  I just felt that it was better to be on the safe side by getting a new one rather than to keep the one that had been jerked around a bit. Yes, I can be one of those paranoid moms when it comes to my baby's safety. But in was a win, win situation because James was rapidly outgrowing his old one anyways.

I looked online at these Britax seats which I heard were the best...ummm, yeah and the most expensive!  But I was able to score this bad boy off of our neighborhood yahoo group. A lady around the block just so happen to be selling a slightly used one for a third of the cost!  Needless to say I jumped on the opportunity and hence the photography shoot.

Anyhoo, James is a real ham these days when it comes to self portraits. "Look at me Mommy, Look at me!"
"Take my picture, Mommy!" And thanks to digital cameras the child knows he can instantly see his funny faces. "Let me see, let me see...ME!"
 Personally my favorite!

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