Monday, May 16, 2011

Easter 2011

I absolutely love Easter! Out of all the holidays, Easter is my favorite by far.  There is nothing sweeter than celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.  This year, the girls and I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Resurrection dance with our church.  Over 2,000 members of Second Baptist gathered together at Discovery Green Park...smack dab in the middle of downtown Houston where we danced for Jesus that Sunday morning. To our disbelief the video was put on YouTube and instantly went viral!  Spreading the word all over the world!  I even had a friend tell me that she was in Okanawa, Japan visiting her son when it came on the TV news program they were watching. What an awesome blessing to be a part of!

After all of that fun, we celebrated tradition in the Higgins house.  Beginning with the Hoenerhoff "Easter Water" where I sprinkle water on each of the kids to wake them up on Easter morn. Every year it's excitedly anticipated the night before...kind of like the Easter Bunny.  The kids know it's coming, they just don't know when.  James sat straight up after being sprinkled and asked for his Bob the Builder umbrella because it was "raining in my room." So cute!
After the kids are awake the next tradition is to dig into the Easter baskets to see what the Easter bunny brought, shortly followed by the first hunt of the day.  The Easter bunny always hides the dyed eggs we created the night before throughout the house just for Ashlee, Sydney, and James to find. 
 After church, lunch and a much needed nap, we invited the neighbor kids over for another egg hunt.  These plastic eggs each containing lot's of candy, but the ultimate prize... CONFETTI EGGS!!!

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