Friday, April 1, 2011

The Chocolate Bar to Celebrate!

This year I thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday at The Chocolate Bar! I heard about this place from a friend but had never been.  I knew the kids would especially enjoy Mom's birthday if they were surrounded by chocolate! So after church Monica, Roger, the kids, me and Darrell drove to Rice Village for a chocolate treat.

We had all kinds of chocolate!  Chocolate covered bananas, strawberries, and apples were my favorite.  The kids loved the chocolate Oreos, cereal, peanut butter chocolate, and even chocolate pizza.  You could make your own chocolate bar with whatever fixings inside it, but we were so full of chocolate already so we didn't try it. 
Then Roger saw the Pop Rocks!!!  Oh boy, were they fun!  James' first experience with the candy I grew up with.  He took a whole hand full and crammed them in his mouth.  At first he wasn't sure about the popping sensation, but soon wanted everyone to play with his new found fun!

And to top off the evening, Darrell surprised Moe and me with the best... yep, you guessed it! Chocolate Coffee!  Truly one of the best bdays in a long time!  I was sick for days...
A couple days later my Higgins family took me out to Barcena's, our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It's always a ton of fun getting together.  The kids are so close in age and are always excited to see each other. I am blessed to have such wonderful in-laws.  I just wish we could hang out more often!

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