Friday, October 8, 2010

James' 3rd Birthday

James turned 3 on August 31, 2010.  I can't believe how these past 3 years have flown by.  I catch myself saying that quite often these days!  I just want to cherish every last moment.  I guess that's why I take an incredible amount of photographs.  I had to buy an external terabyte just to store them.

Back to James...his birthday was packed full of dinosaurs and fun!  We had dinosaur balloons, wet slide,  swimming pool, water balloons, pinata, and of course the "cold" tub :)
Thank you Moe and Roe for bringing your slide!!!

The O'Conner's and the Breaux's!

Snacks and "cold" tub

The Maxheimer's

Charlie and James

Make a Wish!

Happy Birthday James!

Thank you Gma and Papa Hoenerhoff!

I love Monster Trucks!

Garrett and James

James had a blast!  This was the first birthday that he really understood.  He played with his friends, ripped open his presents, and stuffed himself silly with cake!  What more can a 3 year old want?!

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