Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our Superb Performer!

This past first semester of school Sydney participated in her school choir. Every Monday afternoon she attended choir practice getting ready for her performances throughout the holiday season. She sang her little heart out at two senior homes and at the city hall. She sang in front of all her peers in a school performance and then that night she sang for the parents at a PTO meeting. We were supposed to go caroling and sing to all the neighbors around the school but the below freezing temps and rain put a damper in the fun. The most exciting performance was halftime at the basketball game where the Pearland Police played against the Alvin Police Department. We are very proud of our choir performer.

Sydney also performed in her class play. Each performing class group acted out their parts in front of parents and teachers during the holiday party on the last day of school before the Christmas break. She was a little bit nervous but had so much fun doing it!

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DianeH said...

Gma and Papa think that Sydney has a very promising future in drama and singing or in anything else, for that matter. We enjoyed hearing her recite and sing at the PTO meeting presentation. "People may not long remember what we said here, but they will long remember what we did here."