Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Day in Pearland!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Two Decembers in a row now it has snowed in Pearland! Yesterday morning it began with a slush falling from the sky and by lunchtime the sky was full of fluffy white snow. It snowed heavily for a couple of hours and made a few inches of snow to play in. At first James thought it was too cold and wasn't at all impressed. The schools closed down early so the girls got to come home to play too. James changed his mind when he saw his sisters having so much fun. Before I knew it we had our very own Frosty the snowman in our backyard. He was a little dirty...but a snowman none the less! The girls had fun playing "snow" ball with James' plastic bat. All it took was about an hour for the fun to wear off before they were ready to come in and sit in front of the fire with hot chocolate warming their tummies. Amazing how quickly the cold gets old! The last bit of snow was still hanging around this morning too. Although Frosty looked as if he was the leaning tower of Pisa...he hung in there until this afternoon before he completely fell over.

Right about the time things started to slow down it was time for the Pearland Christmas parade. We usually walk in it with our church float but decided this year to sit and enjoy it from the sidelines. We bundled up and headed out to get there early to get a good seat. Our dear friends, the Bohannon's daughter Shelby came along with us. Soon the sun set and the cold was on once again. But the kids had a blast and had a good excuse once again to cuddle by the fire and drink hot chocolate. Gotta love the Christmas season!

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