Monday, November 16, 2009

Budding Conversationalist

My little one's a budding conversationalist. He's beginning to ask lots of questions, a development that fills two needs for him: It's a way of finding out about things, and it's also a way of keeping Mommy's attention.

Early favorite questions include "Why?" and "What's that?" and his latest..."Where you going?"

James loves to answer questions as much as ask the questions. When we're reading books, I ask about the pictures or the story: "Where is the brown doggie?" "What do you think he likes to eat?" He enjoys answering and this happens to be our favorite part of the day.

I try to answer his questions as quickly as I can, in simple, full sentences. Today he was watching the birds through our window and he says to me "Where birds going?" I replied, "Birds have wings that keep them up in the air." He looks very serious at me and says..."Oh, birds fly away." Next thing you know he is getting a book out of his room about birds..he was ready to share. So we learned about birds today...what tomorrow will bring who knows! But I can't wait!

James is growing independent too. He insists on putting on socks "by self" regardless of how long it takes. After "mommy's turn" it is James' "my turn" to brush his teeth. He is also trying out the potty chair. He is definitely interested and has begun to experience it. He looks so big sitting there reading his "potty books" waiting to make the potty sing. (Yes, it plays a song when wet..ha!)

Speaking of chairs...James has learned about the timeout chair as well. With his new found independence also comes heated temper tantrums. It's amazing how the "pleases", "sorry's", "thank you's" seem to flow out of his two year old body with just the threat of the dreaded "naughty spot."

James keeps us on our is ever changing around here!


Michelle said...

We seem to live parallel lives just across town from each other!!! LOL! Give that cute lil stinker a kiss for me! He's so smart!

"Muffyjo" said...

Shelly! Your Blog is Just Fascinating. I Enjoy Reading It. What a Wonderful Cohesively Connected Family! And, every one in the Higgins Family is so Uniquely Talented. You Guys Rock!