Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ashlee is bloggin!

I got to go to my first concert in a limo!!! It was soooooo cool! There were twelve other kids and three adults. We had lot's of fun on the ride and then we got to the Toyota Center and people thought we were celebrities getting out of our limosines. There were 5 limos and our church paid for everything! The kids who got to go to the Toby Mac concert in a limo won the church contest of bringing the most visitors. I got to go because mom is the sunday school teacher. The coolest part of the concert was when Toby Mac ran and jumped on a trampoline and landed on the dance crowd that was in front of the stage. And they carried him like he was floating in the water! It was the coolest concert ever!!! Toby Mac rocks!!!

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DianeH said...

tobyMac is cool! His songs "Gone" and "Made to Love" are rad! Your ears are probably still ringing after going to a concert (whoop-si-daisy). Hugs from Gma!